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Do you have a question or comment about a Title in our "Fishing Net"?....... Suggestions?........... Would you like to submit a Want to The Dansker's Free Search Service?..... We welcome your mail. For information about our Free Search Service we suggest that you view our " Pursuing the Prey" page. Otherwise feel free to send us your E-mail comments. - No forwarded attachments, Jokes or Ads, please - While we may be out on a voyage when the mail Packet ships out, we'll try to answer all letters as soon as possible, high seas and wind depending............ When submitting a Search, please remember to tell us; FIRST Edition or READER"S copy? If issued, do you require a Dust Jacket on a READER"S copy? Also, please note if you wish shipping other than Book Rate. We thank you for your interest, The Dansker, Bookseller