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Pursuing The Prey.....
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Although The Dansker is a Browser's Shop, like anyone else we enjoy a Treasure Hunt. We search the vast seas on the Internet as well as the inlets and bays of the country for those old book friends from youth, Authors sought for, Out-Of-Print works, Advancements to a collectors shelf. Let us help seek your Booty!


With each search effort made, we constantly keep in mind the customer's needs. It is always our attempt to search for as many copies of a title as can reasonably be found to locate the "BCBP".

Often times a search may locate many copies. Others may yield very few. In either case we carefully compare the descriptions and price range. When submitting our results to you we will qoute those items that meet the "BCBP" of our findings.......{Even though the Seas of the Web and Shops are vast, it is still a Treasure Hunt. We will continue our Title searches until the elusive Prey is caught, Our Netting gives out, or you order The Dansker to up Helm and put into Port.}
To submit your Title Want to our FREE SEARCH SERVICE, simply send us an E-mail from the "Semaphore" link below with any information you have regarding your book: i.e. Author,Title,Publisher...... ( If any one of these is unknown, try to give us as much information as possible, the more bait the better!)

Indicate whether you desire a FIRST edition or READER'S copy...... [a Reader's copy is defined as a work in serviceable condition, to be read, handled, used,...as opposed to a Gift or Collector's Title.)

WE fish mostly for Hardcover Prey, although the Paperbacked Herring is caught on occasion.

Please note; At this time we are not able to do general Topic Searches, as,....."11th Century Naval Broadsword designs".....Such categories are just to wide to get a handle on.

We look for'ard to gamin' wit' yee........The Dansker, Bookseller

(You may also use the "Semaphore" E-mail link to send questions, suggestions, comments or further information you may have regarding your Wants)