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Until such time as I can Drydock & Refit to a full rigged E-commerce vessel, I'll be winging this site. Some of yee younger folks out there may not remember, but way back in the old, ancient, dark days of Sale, many people did what was Hailed as Mail-Order....... It worked much like the Electronic mail of today but you had to use things called Checks or Money Orders to purchase supplies by this system. ( Just think, those Check things, someday soon, may become collector's items).... Here is your chance to turn back the hands of time and engage in a real primitive business practice!

How it works; Your Part.....

Peruse the listings in the "Fishing Net". Find something you've always never known you wanted and make note of it.... E-mail your selections from the "Semaphore" page. (I check the mail several times a day, if you were doing this so would you!) Upon receiving your request I shall E-mail you back ASAP, confiming the order or, sad to report, its sale. MORE ON THAT SUBJECT BELOW. You will have Seven business days from confirmation to "Snail mail" your Check or Money Order, to the address listed in the confirmation letter.............. CASH PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED.. All items shipped Book (media) Rate, prepaid, [ $4.00 first title, $1.00 additional].--Unless otherwise requested-- We shall make every effort to ship within Four business days of arrival of your Money Order or the clearance of Personal Checks.

How it works: My Part......
Every effort will be made to remove items requested from the listings as soon as an E-mail order arrives. These items will be stored in the Hold a-waiting their Ransom. The confirmation letter will list your order............. In cases where I have more than the number of copies ordered, you may find the same title listed next time you visit, rest assured, if your confirmation letter lists it, it's waiting for you.

I'm wrapping, you're typing......

All E-mail orders are saved. If a Title you have requested has beaten you to the Hold, do not completely despair, there is the off chance that the Sale does not go through - Checks not collected or payment not received within the Holding time - in such case the Title will go to the next request received................................ If a Title does slip away, you may wish to have your request placed on our Want-List. We shall dilligently fish the waters to locate your Treasure and bring it home to you.

The Small Prints Departments..........

All items sold as described. In perceptions of condition, I have the last word (generally). If a Title is offered as a First, it means all REASONABLE effort has been made to determine Points and Status of such a claim...................Outrageous mistakes or just plain Stupidity shall be corrected as best we can..(and the Old Dansker gets flogged ).............. Reader's copies are just that, they make no claim to printing history but are in user-friendly condition.... Illustrated Books are correlated.......Unless noted all books are in Hardcover or Boards.............. THE FREE SEARCH SERVICE SMALL PRINT..... Worldly voyager that he is, The Dansker, realises that a "fishing" trip is really a "looking for fish" trip and does not indicate a bountiful catch..... Although the Book Seas that we sail are vast and varied we can not guarantee finding the Prey you are looking for. We will keep up the Search until either our Nets wear out or the Hunter calls the ship back to port....( After a long voyage, we may ask if he wishes to continue searching - We would like to know if a customer has found the Title before we do - but human nature what it is, It has been rare in our experience for this to happen.)..... You may use the "Semaphore" Link below to E-mail us.

We Thank Yee for Shipping Aboard........ The Dansker, Bookseller