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We specialize in Used and Out-Of-Print Books. Offering listings of; Ships & Sea - History & Lore, First Editions & Reader's copies: Hornblower, Histories & Biographies- real or imagined, Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe, Fine arts & Media, Odd Titles, Quaint Books - books that amuse you or make you wonder why? Over many years Shop-keeping or collecting I have tried to obtain duplicate copies of Titles that proved interesting, entertaining, diverting or just tickled my fancy. These little gems, as well as new discoveries are offered here. As our old friend R. Mifflin has written; " We have what you want, though you may not know you want it. Malnutrition of the reading faculty ia a serious thing. Let us prescribe for you. " Enjoy our listings and remember "T'ere ain't a Bad Filch in the Net!" *************************************** The listings will start in " The Fishing Net" If you wish to Order please go to the "Ship's Articles" Page for terms. If you wish us to fish for a title Please click the "Free Search Service" link on this page. If you have Questions or comments feel free to e-mail us from our "Semaphore" page. Fair Wind & good Sailing to yee all" The Dansker Bookseller